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Learn  to eFoil in the Algarve, Portugal

eFoiling is easy to learn and a thrill to master.


What is eFoiling?

An eFoil is an electric powered hydrofoil that gives the sensation of  flying over water. 

Carving effortlessly,  Fliteboard gives you the freedom to ride anywhere,  without wind or waves. 
Emission free,  wake free and virtually silent,  ushering in a new category of  environmentally friendly powered watercraft.

Learn to Fly

Our goal is to get you foiling on your first Fliteschool experience.

Unlike kiteboarding, snowboarding, or skiing, the learning curve is far easier, with greater reward.

Even for those with no previous water sports experience we can get you foiling with a focus on safety whilst building your confidence and skills.

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Bookings are essential

WhatsApp +351 912 991 460 to book your eFoil session

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In June 2019 we brought the 1st e-foil product to the Algarve and are excited to be offering an eco water activity that is emission free and noise free and is fast becoming the best fun you can have on the water - no experience necessary!

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